ZŠ UNESCO web Year: 2016    Client: Základní škola UNESCO, Uherské Hradiště After developing a whole visual identity for this school, redesign of the web followed. Two owls inherited from the identity are placed across the site in a playful way together with their speech bubbles, which, for example, welcome visitors, pupils and parents on the landing page. Website visual identity centers around the grid-based layout, bold use of purple color and corporate font family Rubik. – – Landing page – Landing page & Responsive version – Subpage design & Responsive version – Various icons for documents, external links or images – Contact page – Responsive design
Read More › Year: 2015    Client: MESIT holding, a.s.    Cooperation: DAT studio The concern Mesit is the largest employer in its region. For more than 60 years they have developed and produced highly specialized products and systems in sectors, such as aviation or military industry. In partnership with Bob Stránsky, we created a modern identity through a simple yet clean structured design. It was achieved by using grid-based layout, vivid colors and clean typography. We also developed a set of guidelines and new colorful system, enabling us to apply it to all the subdivisions of the company. Package of about 10 websites was created and developed at studio Dat. – – Responsive design – Index – Careers + Features – Index – Actualities + Footer – Subpage layout – Jumbotron – Subpage layout – Body – Proposed imagery – Grid-based design layout – Detail of subdivision website – MESIT subdivisions – use of the new color – Proposed icons for sectors – Another solution for sectors – Homepage suggestions  
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Design.s Year: 2015    Client: school assignment Design.s is an international student design Biennale, co-organized by the Technical Museum in Brno. The proposed draft was created on the occasion of the second edition. The concept is based on a substance, that students have to usually deal with a single common assignment, though the results are always unique, innovative and creative. Visual identity centers around this idea and duplicates the title “Design.s” and thus highlights the variety and originality of student design. Identity is very dynamic and using different media such as banners, posters, invitations and social networks, breaths in life to it. –Poster folding –Folded poster –Simple poster –Print&Online flyer –Tote bag –Dynamic visual identity –Website – Responsive website design
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Zlin Design Week

Zlin Design Week Year: 2016    Client: Tomas Bata University in Zlín ZDW is a week long festival of design. Its main goal is to bring design into galleries, but also to Zlín’s streets and public places. The second year of this festival had a theme — Cash. As a member of a large team, I was in charge of website design, more specifically 3 linked websites. I adapted the design to the current visual identity of the project. Fixed navigation bar serves as a bridge between this and two related sites: Design Talent and Conference Design&Marketing. – – Index – Subpage – Detail of index – Zlin Design Week program – Zlin Design Week program – grid – Responsive web design – Subpage layout  
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23 design

23 design Year: 2015    Client: Tomas Bata University in Zlín    Cooperation: Pawel Ratajczyk 23design is part of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. It consists of Digital Design Studio and Product Design Studio. I along with Pavel, both students of the studio, we were asked to recreate website for both ateliers. The first big task was to find the new and clear web structure. Because we knew, the design itself shouldn’t suppress works of students, we devoted our attention only to color, typography and image sizes. For example, in student portfolio page, the best work is the largest one and vice versa. Breadcrumbs forms the main control element and also the most significant element of the site.   – –Color definition for ateliers –Info subpage –Works subpage / Portfolio – grid –Student – grid –Work detail – grid –About atelier –Contact –Responsive design  
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Jak Neplytvat

Jak Neplytvat Year: 2015    Client: Simply AB, s.r.o. “Jak Neplytvat” is an online magazine and it means “How not to waste”. I was asked to create a new interface. The intention was modern, minimal and flexible look. Black and white color palette, grid-based layout and attention to detail support this vision. All posts can be browsed in two modes: by latest and by top 15 posts. – –Index –UI – Blog Posts –UI – Newsletter / Most Read / Recommend –Responsive website design –Header –Footer  
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